Bright Child, Poor Grades?
Your child may have an undetected vision problem.
We can help your child reach their full potential.


We are proud to offer Vision Therapy services to our community of Southeast Florida. Our goal is to raise awareness on the importance of efficient coordination between the eyes, brain, and body for peak visual performance.

Please take some time to learn about the various aspects of your visual system and take the interactive symptoms checklist to determine if you or your child would benefit from Vision Therapy services. We can help you or your child meet the demanding visual needs of our everyday life.

We started the Center for Better Learning with a clear vision in mind:

Our passion is to bring awareness to the importance of synergy in the visual system by educating the community about the connection between the eyes, brain, and body.
Our purpose is to provide innovative, evidenced-based vision therapy services to those seeking improvement, development, or rehabilitation of visual function.
Our promise is to rebuild the foundation and efficiency of your visual system to pave the way for a brighter future.
Center for Better Learning