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Developmental Optometrist

Dr. Christina Murray OD, FCOVD, is a board-certified optometrist in vision development. She is a proud graduate of both The Ohio State University and Nova Southeastern University. Since she was a child, Dr. Murray wanted to be an eye doctor but developed a passion for working with those with vision problems when she discovered deficits in her own visual system as an adult. Over the years, she has spent her post-graduate years studying primitive reflexes, syntonics light therapy, and exploring how the brain processes visual information. Dr. Murray is on a mission to bring awareness to how vision problems affect a child's ability to read and learn. She is actively working with parents, legislators, and the school board to change the laws to consider visual processing disorders a disability. Expanding the law will allow for better coverage by medical insurance plans and children to get the accommodations they need in the classroom.

Dr. Murray opened Center for Better Learning in 2018 and has expanded to three office locations in Coconut Creek, Boynton Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens. She works very closely with occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, cranial-sacral therapists, and tutors to provide comprehensive care for each patient. Her dream is to eventually open an office location where she can work side by side with other health care professionals in a collaborative way.

Dr. Christina Murray lives in Boca Raton with her husband, Paul, two daughters, Amelia and Emma, and two golden retrievers, Sadie and Bentley. When she is not seeing patients, she enjoys reading, baking, and spending time with her family. As an avid runner, biker, and swimmer, she hopes her kids will allow her enough time to train for a half iron man this year.




Vision Therapist

Lori was born and raised in sunny, south Florida. She went to Florida Atlantic University where she received her BS degree in Biological Sciences. She’s been interested in helping people of all ages meet their vision therapy and educational goals for over 10 years. As her love for Vision Therapy grew, she became certified as a Vision Therapist from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. Lori’s passion is working with special populations, gifted individuals, athletes, brain injury, strabismus, and amblyopia patients to help them succeed at work and school.


Vision Therapist

Juan was born in Bogota, Colombia, and lived there for six years before emigrating to South Florida with his immediate family. He attended Florida Atlantic University, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences while minoring in Psychology. He discovered his passion for therapy while attending FAU and working at the Louis and Anne Green Memory and Wellness Center, where he assisted in activities and exercises for participants with dementia and other related illnesses.



Vision Therapist

Franco was born and raised in Lima, Peru. He moved to South Florida when he was only 9 years old, seeking to pursue a new life with a lot of opportunities. Franco is currently enrolled at Florida Atlantic University where he will be receiving a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. His passion has always been to help people in all aspects of health, to improve a person's well-being. He loves helping people better themselves physically and mentally, which is why he discovered his love for Vision and Performance Therapy.


Vision Therapist

Abid was born and raised in South Florida. He received his Bachelor's degree from The Florida State University majoring in Biology with a minor in Psychology. Growing up he developed his passion to heal others in any chance he could get. Being from the Bengali community that he was raised in he was taught to always help others in any way shape or form which is why he loves the work he does here.



Operations Manager

Paul's professional career spans 10+ years in the sales industry selling a wide variety of products and managing teams of sales professionals around the country. Paul's ambition to help people naturally lead him to support Dr. Murray at the Center for Better Learning to provide Vision Therapy services in the community.
When Paul isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his two daughters, being outside, and playing with his dogs.


Stacey Irizarry

Optometric Assistant


Ariel Norvelus

Vision Therapist


Angelica Ortiz

Patient Care Coordinator


Jerivonna Pryor

Vision Therapist


Kelsey Smith

Vision Therapist


Alyssa Cavalieri

Vision Therapist


Karina Yanez

Vision Therapist


Taylor Sintay

Office Coordinator

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