Child frustrated with reading

Learning Related Visual Problems

The visual system is the dominant sense utilized for learning. When our visual system does not work efficiently, it can negatively impact our ability to learn or stay focused. Vision Therapy restores the ability to gather and process visual information efficiently resulting in improved academic performance.

Child with Amblyopia

Amblyopia & Strabismus

Those with Amblyopia experience reduced eyesight in one (or both) eyes despite best correction with contact or glasses. Strabismus occurs when the eyes are unable to align properly. Vision Therapy coordinate the eyes and brain to team both eye together resulting in clear and comfortable binocular vision.

Vision exam

Vision Rehabilitation

Vision Rehabilitation improves the visual processes in someone who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury due to trauma or stroke. Vision Therapy works to improve the quality of life in those who suffer visual field defects, double vision, or visual balance disorders.

Doctor checking athletes eyes

Sports Vision

Sports Vision Training works on improving the visual abilities of an athlete to give them a competitive edge over the competition. A great player can become an excellent player with the enhanced visual processing to make split second decisions with confidence and precision.