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We provide functional vision evaluations for children and adults. Please read the full description of each evaluation before scheduling. Chose type of evaluation below to jump to the description: 

Developmental Vision Evaluation - $500

1.5-hour evaluation ($350)

1-hour results conference ($150)

This evaluation is for children, teens, and college students to determine if deficiencies in the visual system are causing challenges in reading, learning, or behavior. 

Evaluation includes: 

• Ocular Health Evaluation
• Refraction

• Visual Skills Evaluation: Eye Tracking, Eye Focusing, and Eye Teaming
• Handwriting 
• Primary Reflex Integration
• Laterality/Directionality/Motor Skills 
• Dyslexia Screening 

• ReadAlyzer (Tracking) 

• Visual Perceptual Battery

• Auditory-Visual Processing


Binocular Vision Evaluation (Adult) - $250

45-minute evaluation  

This evaluation is for adults who have been referred to the office for additional testing on their visual system. We evaluate lazy eyes (amblyopia), eye turns (strabismus), double vision, traumatic brain injury, concussions, vestibular disorders, and computer vision syndrome. We are happy to evaluate any patient looking for a more in-depth vision evaluation. 

Evaluation Includes:

• Ocular Health Evaluation 
• Refraction
• Visual Skills Evaluation: Eye Tracking, Eye Focusing, and Eye Teaming
• Additional testing related to diagnosis/symptoms


504/IEP Meeting Attendance - $150


Request for Dr. Murray to discuss diagnosis and classroom accommodations with the teacher and school administration. 


Comprehensive Eye Exam $150


Includes health evaluation, refraction, binocular vision evaluation, visual field, and color testing. Please visit for more information. 

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