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1. Case History



2. 20/20 Vision 

The first and best-known visual ability is 20/20 eyesight. If at twenty feet, you can see the same letters that people with normal eyes can see at twenty feet, then we say that you have "20/20 eyesight."  If not, Dr. Cook may prescribe glasses to improve your eyesight to 20/20—unless the prescription is likely to change rapidly during a vision therapy program. 

Unfortunately, 20/20 eyesight—with or without new glasses—does not mean that during reading and desk work you can see clearly for more than a few minutes. 20/20 eyesight doesn't mean that you have the depth perception and localization skills to drive at night or that you are free from vision-caused headaches and general fatigue. All 20/20 eyesight guarantees isthat you can see clearly long enough to call out six letters on a doctor's eye chart. Therefore, in addition to "20/20 eyesight," we have to consider 6 other visual abilities that are generally ignored during routine exams.

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